About La Gavilana

The La Gavilana (The Hawk) plant is one of Costa Rica’s most revered medicinal herbs and aptly symbolizes the spirit behind La Gavilana Herbs and Art.  La Gavilana is about being one with nature, of human creative expression and of the power of the mind to soar to new heights.

La Gavilana Herbs and Art is the brainchild of Tomas Ninger and Hannah Maxwell, two ex-pats who found one another in the mountain village of El Castillo, Costa Rica. Although a growing must-see destination for creative people from all over the world, El Castillo lacked a place where visitors could find authentic artisanal products to remember their time in Costa Rica and a place where local artisans from a variety of disciplines could showcase their wares.

Hot Pepper SaucesLa Gavilana is part shop, part studio, part coffee house and part classroom. Here you can enjoy a cup of locally-grown coffee with a fresh-baked dessert while browsing the inventory of art, photography and crafts all produced by local artists. You can sample Tomas’ authentic fermented products like hot sauces, kimchees and herbal infusions and choose some to take home. Tomas has set up a demonstration room where you can see first hand how the products are made using natural fermentation processes and no artificial ingredients.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to a concert as La Gavilana also welcomes local musicians who will occasionally grace the small stage.

La Gavilana Herbs and Art is open daily, except Sunday,  to dark and sometimes later for special occasions. You can find it by following the road to the Butterfly Conservatory in El Castillo. Continue on and take the first street on the right past Essence Arenal and look for the sign.

You can reach them by phone at 2479-1747 or by email info.lagavilana@discoverelcastillo.com